Introducing Our Pop-Up Book Club

Many book clubs work on the premise that it’s good to read books you wouldn’t ordinarily read. At The Company of Books we understand that there are people who only want, or have time, to read what actually interests them, and who would like to get together with a group of people to discuss that common interest.

Enter The Company of Books Pop-Up Book Club.

Every now and again we will choose two or three books based around a common theme. If you’re interested in reading and discussing the books, register for the meetings (one on each book). No long-term commitment required, no dinner-making or hosting, no need to read a book you really don’t want to read. All we ask is that you buy the books from us (there’s a 10% discount) and register for all the meetings in the set – that’s because we hope that the books as chosen will each add something to the reading of the others and offer a richer experience of all.

The books chosen for the first two meetings are:

Tuesday, 27 September              7.30 – 9pm

In the Garden of Beasts, Erik Larson

The true story of William Dodd, the history professor turned US ambassador in Berlin in the 1930s as Hitler was coming to power.  He’s not helped in his task by having a daughter who is extremely even-handed in her choice of amours, numbering among them the head of the Gestapo, and an official from the Soviet Embassy  . . .

Tuesday, 18 October                   7.30 – 9pm

All that I Am, Anna Funder

A new novel by award-winning Funder, based on real events and set in 1930s Berlin, in which a group of friends dedicated to resisting Hitler’s rise become hunted outlaws forced to flee the country, but continuing their resistance work despite the danger of betrayal, even from afar.

Drop in to The Company of Books to register. Places are limited.

The places for these sessions have now been filled. Watch this space for future pop-ups.