Oct Meeting

For our book club meeting on Wed 15 Oct, we read We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler.We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

Jacket Synopsis:
Rosemary’s young, just at college, and she’s decided not to tell anyone a thing about her family. So we’re not going to tell you too much either: you’ll have to find out for yourselves what it is that makes her unhappy family unlike any other. Rosemary is now an only child, but she used to have a sister the same age as her, and an older brother. Both are now gone – vanished from her life. There’s something unique about Rosemary’s sister, Fern. So now she’s telling her story; a looping narrative that begins towards the end, and then goes back to the beginning. Twice. It’s funny, clever, intimate, honest, analytical and swirling with ideas that will come back to bite you. We hope you enjoy it, and if, when you’re telling a friend about it, you do decide to spill the beans about Fern, don’t feel bad. It’s pretty hard to resist.

1 thought on “Oct Meeting”

  1. No Joy for Ms Fowler as she didn’t win the Booker prize with this novel. However, if you’re looking for a worthy runner up to Richard Flanagan’s The Narrow Road to the Deep North, this is it. You’ll fly through the narrative, you’ll laugh and yes, you’ll cry. A different take on love, loss and grief, and what ‘family’ means.

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